Have you previously completed testing or education?

NMLS is enabling states to certify that their MLOs have satisfied SAFE requirements through previously completed testing and education. To see if your state is participating, look at the Certification State List. The list also provides timeframes when states will upload their certification lists into NMLS. (Note: Some agencies are certifying testing. Some are certifying education. Some are certifying both. And some are not certifying at all. So check the list.)

If your state certifies that you have completed your state test and/or pre-licensure education, then you don’t need to do them again. However, you do need to pay the Certification Invoice to have the certification attached to your NMLS record. Get the full details on what you need to do by going to: Certification of Testing and Education.

REMINDER: The national test component and criminal background check are not eligible for certification. Be sure to complete these requirements as soon as possible. Don’t miss your state deadline!

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